December 2018 President’s Message: Phil Fitzgerald

Hello friends,
As I write this message we are in the middle of the holiday season. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your families.
I just returned from Lawrence, Kansas and the GCSAA Chapter Delegates meeting. The leadership always sends us back with a lot of information to pass on. Along with the Board elections, there are some bylaws additions and a membership dues increase to take under consideration.
The board has proposed that annual dues to be raised to $400.00. As we all know, everything continues to get more expensive. The membership dues increase is proposed to keep up with ever rising operational costs.
The theme of the meeting was “Strength in Numbers.” Keeping this in mind the GCSAA is planning a membership retention and growth strategy. This strategy would target the approximately 7500 golf courses that currently have no GCSAA member. Bylaws additions would include adding three membership classifications.
The first being a Golf Course Friends classification. This category would be available to golfers, potential advocates and teachers who attend First Green events. Membership benefits would include a newsletter promoting our profession and GCSAA initiatives such as Frist Green and Rounds for Research.
The second classification is the Facility Membership. This classification will be offered to smaller budget facilities that have not had GCSAA membership over the past five years and who’s green fees meet a defined price point. Benefits would be limited and specified by the Board of Directors.
Lastly the Board is considering a membership loyalty plan to reward clubs for supporting multiple GCSAA members by discounting annual membership fees. Details are still in the works on this.
Happy holidays to you and your families,
Phil R. Fitzgerald