President’s Message

Dear Members,

I hope this letter finds you and your families in good health.    Wow, what a ride.  The last few months have been quite a journey.  We went from being shut down and not knowing what the future looked like for golf in March, to being busier than ever this summer.  I am frequently finding myself reflecting on things that I used to take for granted!  While the saying goes “hope is not a strategy,” it is difficult to not fall back on that natural reflex during these times.  Despite all of the uncertainty we are all feeling, the goal and mission of the SDGCSA remains the same: Being dedicated to serving its members, advancing their profession and enhancing the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf.  

Recent weeks seem to be bringing us a bit closer to the normal we all love and miss.  As a result, we will be hosting our first education meeting in six months.  It will be Fall Ed located at Fairbanks Ranch.  The date is September 28th it includes an hour of education provided by BASF, lunch, 18 holes of golf, and a horse race.  All events for the day will meet the CDC guidelines, and we will be physically distanced.  The education will be outdoor “drive-in style” where you will remain in your cart for the presentation.   If you’d like to learn more about it and register, click here. Things will be different going forward, but anytime we can get together as a group it is a successful day.

A special note to our sponsors, thank you! Your continued support through this unprecedented time is so greatly appreciated.  It’s because of you, this association will continue to operate, and provide the needed support to our members. As a team, we were able to provide financial support to a number of our members that were directly affected by COVID-19.  Funds are still available as the impacts of this pandemic continue to affect many.  For questions regarding the Covid-19 Relief fund, your membership, or if you have experienced financial hardships making it difficult to pay your membership or sponsorship dues, please contact our Chapter Manager, Sandy Cooper at (760) 845-7045 or by email at

As a reminder the SDGCSA website is up to date with the latest information including education opportunities, webinars, job board and the soon to be released “Equipment Swap.”  Along with the website, be on the lookout for the next issue of the Inforemer.  The fall issue should be out soon, and it will be full of great info that pertains directly to our San Diego membership.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the end of this month.  Be well and stay safe.
Cody Layton, Chapter President SDGCSA

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