Growing a Greener Golf Course on KPBS

KPBS-TV recently aired an episode called ‘Growing a Greener Golf Course’ featuring Superintendents in Southern California.

The episode puts the  business of golf course maintenance in a very positive light and we were delighted to be a part of its production and PR!

Click Here To View the Episode.

The following Southern California Members are featured in this episode:

-Rich McIntosh – Torrey Pines
-Ken Alperstein – Pinnacle Design
-John Nachreiner – Shady Canyon GC
-Pat Gradoville – Palos Verdes GC

Information on the Episode:

Golf courses are legendary for their perfectly manicured landscapes. And while today’s golf courses are as beautiful as they’ve ever been, in the last 20 years there’s been a titanic shift in the way golf courses are designed, developed and managed. Acres of turf around perimeters and in non-playing areas are begin replaced with mulch and low-water plantings. Golf course inputs are focused on reducing the need for frequent mowing, and maximizing the impact of water. Technology is measuring humidity and moisture in the grass, allowing irrigation water to be applied with pinpoint accuracy. Course are irrigated with reclaimed water (purple pipe water). In the bigger picture, designers are rethinking approaches and looking to carve out only enough habitat to make room for  greens and fairways among the natural surroundings.

In this show, we visit examples of how golf courses are responding to the call for environmental safeguarding.

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